Communications Training for High-Performance Professionals

Madeleine Barchevska
Founder, Program Designer: BioArt Theatre Laboratories, Inc.


She currently leads workshops and seminars in BioArt training for :

– business executives concerned with leadership

– professional teams and families

– working performing artists

– medical, legal, and IT professionals

– teachers and business leaders in North America and EMEA

An international coach with formidable experience, she applies her knowledge as a business culture and language coach to her expertise as a theatre director, performing artist, and published original thinker. She teaches her own approach to top management and professionals who can attest to rapid results and graceful, immediate implementation. In today’s urban centers, BioArt is a revolutionary approach to awareness training which restores perceptual sequencing, promotes neurological health, stellar performance, and clarified communication skills. Madeleine Barchevska is a recognized practitioner in the new field of Applied Theatre and her approach impacts communications training, arts training, experiential learning and behavioral aesthetic pedagogy

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Jean-Marie Pradier
Founder of Ethnoscenology, Professor Pradier was our original sponsor in France, in collaboration with the French Consulate in New York ; BioArt is the pragmatic incarnation of his art & science theories. The aim of his participation is to share his research in OHPB [organized human performing behaviors] as part of our training seminars, with audiences of professional communicators.

flagged-0602Veronique Pirlot

BioArt Theatre Laboratories : Creative Movement

Veronique Pirlot has more than 20 years of experience in dance and therapeutic movement. Using her soft, authentic approach, Veronique ensures the expansion  of a personal movement repertoire for each student based upon a new graceful balance in social expression.

flagged-0735Pierre Grammont
BioArt Theatre Laboratories : Voice and Speech

PIERRE is a theatre professional who’s focus for us is clear vocal expression.  An excellent acting coach and director, he joins us to share his many expressive gifts.