BioArt Actor Training

If you think you’re a 21st Century actor, are you able to :

• fertilize a ‘neural’ audience ?

• transmit crystal clear, globally perceivable, objective signals ?

• unify and stimulate a live audience, perceptually ?

The BioArt approach, developed over two decades by Madeleine Barchevska, views the actor’s function from a biological perspective.

Many methods train the body as instrument. We acknowledge and integrate the best theatre training to date : Brecht, Grotowski, Meyerhold, Artaud, Meisner, et al, and add the perceptual scientific knowledge to the craft of acting, as an integrated practice.

BioArt training goes further, beyond muscles, senses and emotions to reset the actor’s nervous system in correct perceptual alignment for a new liberated approach to timing, delivery, and impact.

This approach places the actor “under the microscope” so that all performances, whether on stage or screen, exist in biological “close up”.

BioArt Actor Training Intensives and private coaching sessions are available in Paris, France, and yearly, throughout the USA.

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