Your workshop not only helped me for my business activities, it also helped me to better manage difficult situations in my private life.This was also like a break from the real and challenging world to a relaxing and peaceful environment that allowed me to listen to my body and also live genuine exchanges with other participants. I would advise anyone who needs to better manage and understand human relationships to attend your training. – Julien Nahon, Adobe Systems – Technical Sales Manager

Everything was suddenly different. I actually lost my “society mask” and started to feel in much better harmony with my environment and totally free of the roles we play in our society and how we would like to be perceived by our peers…not always easy in our city life.- Martin Brand, OEM Business Manager Europe, Adobe Systems France

The workshop focuses on one’s own natural grace in movement and thought, and the perception of this grace within oneself and others. The experience was powerful… Once you have witnessed this grace, you look for it everywhere. It urges the participant to seek enhanced perception in experience. What could be more profoundly useful? – Richard Cooper, International Relations Specialist, London

In my case, as a professor, I have learned to become far more respectful of my own presence, and the presence of others, when speaking to students and colleagues. The results – a calmer sense of authority, and greater ease in conversation – have been immediate.- Karin Badt, Professor, Sciences Po, Le Sorbonne, Paris

That is your great talent, of course, to connect the seeminly invisible dots. – Jane Thorngren, classical singer